Monday, November 21, 2005


The Betes

So I've been a terrible knit blogger and my knit blog membership card will be revoked and I'll have to pay a fine to get back in with "the gang," but see, stuff keeps coming up. I had a couple of interviews, my master's paper was due, and then Graybaby was diagnosed with diabetes. Noooooo!

Yes, the Betes. Poor GB had been sort of listless, and not so into purring or eating, and skinnier than I like to see her. I like to see her plump as a biscuit, but her spine was starting to feel ribbed, a bit k2 p2 if you will. The vet did some tests and declared GB to be a TRUE diabetic. As opposed to a false diabetic, I guess. So now she has to have insulin injections twice a day.

You guys, I was so terrified of giving injections, because I am the biggest wuss ever with needles of the non-knitting variety. I hate getting vaccinations, I cannot give blood because I always faint, and that scene in Pulp Fiction with Uma Thurman and the needle and the heart . . . I cannot abide. But Graybaby is my baby! I've had her since she was four weeks old and I mixed her up a little dish of formula each day. So I just steeled myself and (with the encouragement of Mr. Cupcakes) gave her the injection and it totally worked! And she didn't care or get upset--in fact, she is much more cheerful now that her blood sugar is back to normal. So now syringes and insulin have just become part of the daily routine.

So you see, life has been a little hectic, but all the while I've been a knit-knit-knitting, I promise. I'll take some pictures of the scarf, socks, and sweater I've been working on. Right after I spend a little time with GB, my Bete Baby.

Mouse is trying to squeeze in a little time, too.

P.S. As my mom told me, diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the world (say it in an authoritative doctor tone to get the full effect) so I know Graybaby is in good company. My thoughts are with all of you who might be dealing with the Betes in your life too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Sorry, no content!

Two interviews in a week, in different areas of the country, each of which necessitate a two leg journey?


Completing a master's paper, which almost puts the final piece in the giant jigsaw puzzle that is your graduate education?


Trying on slutty sequined tank tops with your sister at Express?

Priceless. Just priceless.

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