Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Cash Cab

When I'm not staying until semi-ungodly hours at work, I like to come home and lay on the futon and watch Cash Cab. It's this guy who drives around New York City, picking up random passengers and then quizzing them with fairly easy, general-knowledge questions and handing out cash. I totally want to be on this show, and not just because I sort of think the host is cute (although, I must confess, I thought he was cuter before reading that he had appeared on Hope and Faith; he now must be cast aside), but because my mind is stuffed full of random facts. I know celebrity gossip, knitting patterns, and random crap, but have almost no retention of world events or professional skills.

But I would rock Cash Cab.

Next: Will I place at the Durham fair in the hand knitting categories? Or will I shamefully slink away from the Needlework building?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Really Good Mushroom Lasagna

I have just spent over two hours chopping, cooking, mixing, soaking, sprinkling, and simmering the many, many ingredients that go into Cooks Illustrated's "Really Good Mushroom Lasagna." I just hope it really IS really good mushroom lasagna. I delight in the Cooks Illustrated principle of dirtying every bowl in the house to achieve the ultimate recipe. I just wish the subscription came with a dishwasher.


In knitting news, I am entering mittens and socks in the Durham fair. First prize is $4!

It makes me love Connecticut just a little tiny bit.

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