Sunday, March 30, 2008



It's spring, and baby season is about to begin! There are at least 4 babies to be born among friends in the next four months. Although I am 100% not ready to have a baby myself, I have discovered that I love to knit baby clothes. Tiny! Darling! Quick!

This is a Baby Kimono from a pattern by Julie Cashin. It's all garter stitch, knitted flat, then seamed up along the sides and underarms.

One for Malena and Graham's baby (to come in May) and one from Molly and Kenny's baby (to come in April). I felt Molly's baby do, like, a somersault or karate kick or something and spontaneously shrieked with delight. Babies! Maybe once my damn wedding is out of the way, babies can be taken under consideration. In a few years.

I used an I-cord for the closure, but a ribbon or button can also be used.

Sorry for the gap in posting--I've been travelling a bit. I was in Minneapolis visiting family and friends and doing wedding planning over the Easter weekend. It snowed, of course. I was in Newport, RI Friday and yesterday. That's a super-crazy town, all filled with center-chimney colonials (the 18th century architectural style closest to my heart) and insane summer "cottages" built by Vanderbilts and other people with money to burn. I should probably put cottages in double double quotes (i.e. ""cottages"") because the irony is so great. These are marble palaces with sixteen bedrooms and gold plated faucets, manicured gardens, etc. It's nice to have something to aspire to in my summering practices.

My summering this year will be very exciting, since it will not just be a summer vacation, but a HONEYMOON! As my favorite hobby is obsessively planning vacations in exhaustive detail, causing Mr. Cupcakes to stop responding to me or taking advantage of my spreadsheet of housing comparisons, I have taken the liberty of doing the planning for the 'moon. Can you guess where we're going?

Hints: cheese! wine! chocolate! pastries! guillotines!

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