Monday, April 09, 2007


Five things

1. America's Next Top Model is so much better this cycle, don't you think? I was pretty concerned after last cycle's (hate that, why not seasons, Tyra?) hideous final runway show in a cave with random tourists looking on. This season is all weird and self-referential and almost as confusing as Lost. Also, Tyra looks like a gypsy, so: cool. I predict Dionne, Jaslene and Renee in the top three. I hope Natasha becomes a European pop sensation. It just feels right.

2. It was supposed to snow today, but instead it was just a heavy, cold, gray rain. Ish.

3. I was going to go to the gym, but I just came home and ate a granola bar and read the newspaper. Same diff.

4. The kids are working on their theses and final projects, and because I work at a small college with a rather impressive film program, you never know when you'll be an extra. Or when your house will be an extra.
Should I be worried that they appeared to be filming some kind of gritty Rocky redux, and chose to film it using the exterior of my house?

5. Our evil stray cat Sparky is starting to assimilate, although she is kicking and screaming (literally) the whole way. I came home for lunch the other day to find this.

My pillowy and timid little Mouse relaxing with clawful Sparky. She is awfully cute, with her Holstein spots. My hands are scarred but my heart is open.

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Wine red

Baltimore was fun and it was so nice to see old friends. I hardly knit a stitch, though. For shame, because there is a wedding blanket to be made!

No, not me, goofs, for my little sister. She's gonna get married! This is thrilling, not only because her betrothed is delightful but because they are holding their ceremony in Mexico. In December. Shhhhhweeeet! Looking forward to it so much. But back to the blanket: I found this Victorian pattern online and thought it was so pretty, and I really wanted to make some kind of personal gift for Laura (in addition to fun kitchen gadgets from the registry, of course). I agonized over what color to get, and my knitting group ladies told me to just ask her. So I did, and she and her fiance came up with the perfect color which never even crossed my mind: wine red. This past weekend, Rebecca helped me scour Webs for the proper yarn. Webs is approximately the size of a Target, but filled with yarn. I swear I didn't dream it, but it is a reality for those lucky enough to live in western New England. However, the embarrassment of riches really takes quite a bit of time to walk through, and Rebecca very patiently helped me narrow the selection down to 5 (five!) possible skeins, finally settling on Valley Yarns' Deerfield, which is 80% baby alpaca and 20% silk. It's exactly as soft as that sounds. Now I just have to make, like, 30 squares. Easy peasy!

In other news, I finished Hopeful.

But . . . I tried it on and I'm busting out the seams on this sucker. I swatched beforehand and made guage, it's highly fitted, with nearly negative ease, and I haven't blocked it yet. Upon blocking, it will

a. stretch enough to look lovely
b. not stretch and I will cry

Okay, I won't cry, but I will bring it on the knitting cruise for one of my lithe and lovely petite friends to wear. Because it's seriously cute:

It is too cute not to be worn, don't you think?

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