Saturday, February 16, 2008


February fun

I can't believe February is already half over, but that means we are closer to spring and may eventually leave this gray world of slush. On Wednesday it snowed, then rained heavily, so there were several inches of standing water underneath the snow and my socks were wet all day. Wet socks are just hateful, right up there with too-tight ponytails and toothaches.

But! Today is sunny (cold, but I'll take it) and Alex and I are going up to Boston to visit our friend Heather. Should be a fun little trip--we both have to work on Monday so it's just going to be an over-nighter. Last weekend I was in Baltimore visiting another friend, Stef, and the weather was also cold but sunny. I really like Charm City; Stef is cute and likes puzzles, the food is great, and the city has an intriguing weirdness to it. This may be because I think of John Waters movies whenever I'm there. I've also been reading a lot of Laura Lippman mysteries and she offers a pretty stark look at what makes Baltimore great and not-so-great.

So, knitting. I've been sewing the blanket squares together, which is slow and not very portable, because it's so large and heavy. So, in addition to the Noro socks, I'm also working on Snicket Socks.

This pattern has a cabled diamond pattern that was pretty slow going until I used Grumperina's cabling without a cable needle tutorial, which saves me a ton of time. The pattern is by a German author, and I think the heel must be a German or European style. I've not seen it before.

It's a short row heel with "double stitches," which are difficult to explain . . . well, there are these instructions from Lana Grossa. They call this heel a "Jojo heel." Ha! Did you guys grow up eating jojo potatoes, which are basically huge fried potato wedges, kind of like steak fries? I did not have them in my homeland (Fargo, ND) but they seemed to be prominent in eastern Minnesota/western Wisconsin. Anyhoo, I will call these heels the Jojo Potato Heel, in honor of the potato goodness.

Have a great weekend! I'm off to Boston, all Johnny-Tremain style.

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