Sunday, October 28, 2007



We attended a Halloween party last night and had a hard time coming up with costumes. Hobo? Robot? Britney Spears? But a trip to the drug store and investiation of our wardrobes made the decision easy.

Amy Winehouse and her creepy husband!

(this is really them, not the Cupcakes)

I think his name is Blake Mr. Winehouse. (By the way, in the picture above of Blake/Mr. Cupcakes, he is not pretending to inject illicit drugs, he is using some eyeliner to give himself a tattoo.) The costume was pretty easy for him, since he already had the hat, jeans, bandana, and chains.

Mine was easy too. The wig cost $5.35 at RiteAid, and the Wet and Wild liquid eyeliner was $1.59. Unfortunately, I only thought of the costume around 4pm so I was unable to lose the necessary 40 pounds to properly portray Ms. Winehouse.

Only one person at the party guessed Amy Winehouse (we were pretty sure no one would get the hubby without the Amy nearby). The other guess was "white trash." Hmmmph.

And a very happy Halloween to you! Don't let anyone make you go to rehab.

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Monday, October 22, 2007


Rhinebeck 2007

I came down with a nasty cold/sinus thing this week and spent Thursday and Friday sprawled on the couch, working on the Victorian wedding blanket and watching the majority of season 2 of Gilmore Girls. Although my head felt stuffed and I was sneezing and coughing, it was a pretty pleasant two days. It's interesting to hear the local references to towns and streets and try to figure out where Stars Hollow actually is. My best guess is . . . Litchfield-ish?

By Saturday morning, I was feeling a lot better, with just a small headache and much less disgusting sneezing. I was so relieved that I felt better because it was Rhinebeck day!

Rebecca could only go on Saturday so of course that was the day I wanted to go too. Mr. Cupcakes wavered about going (too much yarn) but agreed at the last minute to come. The drive was gorgeous across Connecticut and up Taconic Parkway in New York State. The festival is so, so big. Thousands of cars, thousands of people, thousands of skeins, mwah ha ha ha ha!

This is the only fairground I've ever been to with a bathroom attendant. She was fabulous and very encouraging to all who entered.

There was fun to be had outside the bathroom, too. There were tons of cute, cute animals.

And lots of nice merch for sale.

And . . . this guy.

He wasn't part of a performance, he just strolled through standing on two of the biggest horses I've ever seen.

Beckers and I bought some beautiful yarn, too!

Skaska Designs Merino Lambswool in Saffron

Graceful Lace Yarn from Yarn Place

Blue Moon's Socks That Rock in Mediumweight, Covelite colorway.

All in all a success!

The next day Alex came down with whatever bug I gave him.

Poor baby!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I heart ANTM

So, I'm doing terribly at the ANTM pool. I gained one point the first week, then lost one point the second week, for a grand total of zero points. I should just choose the girls randomly, methinks. Don't you think this show consistently gives the worst blonde makeovers ever?

That poor girl Jenah looks like pictures of deceased prostitutes that sometimes run in the New York Times in the Metro Section, usually with a italic headline and a byline from an outlying borough. (The fancy Manhattan prostitutes get their stories in Section A.) Just saying.

She totally knows but is powerless to stop it. That is not a happy face.

This (NSFW) is not allowed to appear on a family website like Susie Cupcakes, but YIKES. I believe its made of those resistance bands that I had to use when doing physical therapy on my knee.

If you don't already read the fourfour ANTM recaps, do so immediately: they are brilliant. And watch this week's special video recap for the ten happiest minutes you'll have all week. At least until the next show.


Sunday, October 14, 2007


Making progress

I finished my Mama-E cruise socks--a delightful memento five months after the cruise.

The pattern is Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn Clark from Interweave Knits' Favorite Socks.

The colorway is Seasick, an exclusive from Mama-E's C-eye-ber Fiber for the SeaSocks Cruise. I seem to have a ton left over--I could have made knee socks with the amount of yarn left over.

I really liked making these socks but it is kind of a relief to be done. The yarn got hopelessly tangled in June and added a "knot un-tying" challenge to each row.

In other news, I have started recording everything I eat in an online log (available only to me, thank the lord). It is striking how much the act of having to write down what you eat changes the what you eat. It is deeply humiliating to write: "106 candy corns, 13 ritz crackers, chunk gouda cheese, half a red pepper, and 4 glasses wine" for dinner, so I end up (honestly!) eating more normal, less toxic food. This is not a diet, but an attempt to exercise self-control and good judgement. I did accidentally eat both cheesecake and ice cream yesterday afternoon, but overall I have been v.g. about eating sanely. I'm also listening to Bridget Jones's Diary on cassette from the library. V.v.g.

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Monday, October 01, 2007


yay for October

Happy first day of October, all. I'm writing this from Mr. C's laptop, as Graybaby cheerfully clamped her teeth on my laptop's power cord and it is "sleeping" now (i.e. out of juice). Mr. C says he'll do .... whatever it is he does to fix the power cord every time a cat chomps it. Welding? Grafting? Something like that.

Until then, no pictures of new knitting. But I finished the Mystery Stole! There were, perhaps, tears due to unfortunate stitch lossage six rows from the end. But it's faked up to look basically okay, and it is sooooo purdy.

Are any of you on Ravelry? It is the greatest invention of the 21st century. It combines my love of cataloging and yarn. If you're not on, get on the waiting list. There are something like 20,000 people waiting, but they are speeding up the invites, and I guarantee it is worth it!

And I would like to direct your attention to the ANTM Fantasy Game, linked in my sidebar. Awesome. The second greatest invention of the 21st century. I had a little trouble choosing my team, since I can remember only, like, 2 of them at this point. But you get points if your models get in fights, are called/call themselves fierce, and/or are accused of having no neck. Sweet!

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