Sunday, October 28, 2007



We attended a Halloween party last night and had a hard time coming up with costumes. Hobo? Robot? Britney Spears? But a trip to the drug store and investiation of our wardrobes made the decision easy.

Amy Winehouse and her creepy husband!

(this is really them, not the Cupcakes)

I think his name is Blake Mr. Winehouse. (By the way, in the picture above of Blake/Mr. Cupcakes, he is not pretending to inject illicit drugs, he is using some eyeliner to give himself a tattoo.) The costume was pretty easy for him, since he already had the hat, jeans, bandana, and chains.

Mine was easy too. The wig cost $5.35 at RiteAid, and the Wet and Wild liquid eyeliner was $1.59. Unfortunately, I only thought of the costume around 4pm so I was unable to lose the necessary 40 pounds to properly portray Ms. Winehouse.

Only one person at the party guessed Amy Winehouse (we were pretty sure no one would get the hubby without the Amy nearby). The other guess was "white trash." Hmmmph.

And a very happy Halloween to you! Don't let anyone make you go to rehab.

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Oh man, how could no one get that! As soon as I saw that crazy hair and eyeliner, I was all, she must be Amy Winehouse. Anyway, great ensemble!
No, No, No
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