Sunday, February 18, 2007


Aruba, Jamaica, ya know I wanna take ya.

I made some new socks for Mr. Cupcakes, and he is pleasing me to no end by wearing them often.

These were made with some lovely, manly yarn that my mom gave me for Christmas. I hit a minor snag when I seemed to be having an alarmingly small amount of yarn left after turning the heel. A closer look at the label revealed that this was a slightly heavier yarn than typical sock yarn, and therefore had fewer yards. Luckily, the awesome Borealis Yarns (you must click; cat in fair isle to be seen) in St. Paul has a superb selection of yarn and I found a gray that matched the pattern.

This pair of socks is special to me not only because they are for my darling domestic partner (we're notarized!) but because it was the first pair I made without a pattern. It's in my blood now, people. And that's lucky, because in just two and a half months, I set sail on a knitting cruise with some of my best gal pals! It sails up the Pacific coast at the end of April. Is it weird that I'm planning my outfits now? I am dreaming of wearing floaty skirts and handknit tops and beautiful espadrilles. Obviously, I need to re-read Babysitters On Board (Super Special #1) to become acquainted with the cruise lifestyle. This "familiarizing technique" stems from my 1989 repeated re-readings of Logan Likes Mary Anne! (#10) which had a detailed account of the first day of junior high. Despite the fantasy of warm palm trees and Kokomo-like breeziness, it will surely be 39 degrees and rainy and I'll have to huddle with a bath towel around me to stay warm.

I don't care. It's going to be my personal Love Boat. To celebrate my love of socks and sock knitters.

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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Knitty city

It snowed last night, and it finally looks like winter. It's been so snowless this season that it seems like a delightful novelty rather than a headache. Mr. C. and I walked home from watching Borat, admiring the loveliness of the snow on all the tree branches. Very refreshing after an extremely funny but deeply disturbing movie. There is more male nudity in there than in all Ewan McGregor movies combined, i.e. A LOT.

In any case, all this snow turns one's thoughts to ... knitting. And possibly cocoa.

Since I finished the pairs of Christmas socks, I've been working on a sweater from the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting. I saw it and knew right away I wanted to make it.

(I hope this is not copyright infringement, ha ha!)

It's a pretty basic v-neck with a fabu braided (cabled) trim around the neck. I've done the back, front, and both sleeves, substituting Baby Ull Dalegarn in dark charcoal for the suggested yarn. I would show them to you, but charcoal gray, unblocked stockinette pieces are not too thrilling. The braid, however: bellisima!

Cabling is so fun. However, this needs to be 33 inches long, which is a LOT of cabling. Luckily, the Beckers and I are having a sleepover (pillow fight!) tonight which promises to include lots of knitting, plus we are attending the ultra-fantastic WEBS pre-superbowl yarn party tomorrow. But please, dear yarn gods, don't let me buy any more yarn.

Because, um, I bought a bunch last week.

I bought a number of skeins of Lana Grossa Luxor, a beautiful metallic worsted that was on sale. It's not super-metallic in this pale gray, more like the reflection off the ice of a frozen lake at dusk. Or something. I think it's going to be a shrug, possibly this one. The pattern is written by an archivist, so it must have permanent value. Hahahahahaha, archivist jokes!

ANYway, I also bought some sturdy, classic Regia 4fadig sock yarn and this pretty pretty Artyarns Ultramerino.

This has just a touch of Minnesota Vikings colors about it, but I think it leans more toward sunset-type colors. Hmmm, I'm really into dusk and sunsets these days. Must be winter's early evenings.

Have a good weekend!

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