Saturday, September 22, 2007


knitting progress

This past weekend, Mr. Cupcakes was in Austin with his manfriends for ACL. While they were getting to see Bjork (!), MIA, and Yo La Tengo, I was home launching a big reorganization project.

When we moved in, we had lots of plans for how to organize our new place. But somehow, it's over two months later and we still have boxes in every room. It's starting to make me feel antsy and unsettled. So I will tried to get as much organized as possible, even if it meant stashing things in the basement or attic....just as long as its out of sight for day-to-day living. I made a lot of progress on the first floor. This weekend, the second floor is going to get its makeover.

Through all the events of summer, I have been knitting. I just finished some socks for Mr. C.

I love this yarn. It's Mega Boots Stretch, a name that always makes me giggle and pronounce it as though I were Arnold Schwartzenegger. It makes a very attractive sock with enough color variation to keep it interesting. This is just a vanilla sock pattern (68 stitches) with a four stitch cable running down the leg and foot. I like it! Next time I might put a purl stitch on either side of the cable to make it pop, but it's good as a subtle pattern, too.

I've also been working on the Mystery Stole.

Lace is so mysterious and futzy and beautiful, I must occasionally stop, stretch out the lace, and admire the pattern. There are beads in there too--it's so cool to know how to add them now! It's a technique that doesn't require you to string them on at the beginning.

I don't have much to report about Chicago, except:

Toilet phone!

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