Monday, July 30, 2007



Due to foreseen and unforeseen events (moving, domestic partner in hospital, domestic partner can't lift anything, vacation, Rare Book School) I have been a bad mommy to my blog. In my defense, I am a very good mommy to my new adopted pony daughter Oops. Oops is so special she deserves her own entry--which will be forthcoming, barring any unforeseen events (yet see above, so: hmmm).

Anyway, I am in Virginia at Rare Book School staying in a crazy room with a fireplace and no air conditioning. It's fab! I'm also getting used to a new weightiness in my left arm, because look!

The Cupcakes are gettin' hitched!

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Monday, July 02, 2007


I miss yarn.

Back to regularly scheduled knitting next week. This week is consumed with wrapping things in newspaper and taping boxes. We are a-moving, and although moving is NEVER EVER FUN this is not so bad--a few extra weeks makes all the difference.

By the by, are any of you ready for iPhone mania to end? At first I thought it looked so cool. I mean, the commercial showed you how you just push, like, 16 buttons and calamari shows up at your door! I love calamari. But then the eleventy-hundreth time I heard that evil lullaby music and "This is you . . . making a call." I started to feel annoyed. I already make calls, Apple, and I do it on an ancient bright red cell phone that doesn't even have text message capabilities (well, it has receiving, not giving). I think it's the smugness that started to annoy me. That and the fact that it costs $500.

This is me . . . making a call . . . on a bright red phone. Text me! I'll call you right back.

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