Monday, July 30, 2007



Due to foreseen and unforeseen events (moving, domestic partner in hospital, domestic partner can't lift anything, vacation, Rare Book School) I have been a bad mommy to my blog. In my defense, I am a very good mommy to my new adopted pony daughter Oops. Oops is so special she deserves her own entry--which will be forthcoming, barring any unforeseen events (yet see above, so: hmmm).

Anyway, I am in Virginia at Rare Book School staying in a crazy room with a fireplace and no air conditioning. It's fab! I'm also getting used to a new weightiness in my left arm, because look!

The Cupcakes are gettin' hitched!

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Congrats! Make sure you stoke up that fireplace good and hot -- you wouldn't want that ice to freeze your hand.
Oh wow! Congratulations!!! Hope partner has made recovery!
congrats!! (am a little behind in sending my congrats...)
Hooray! I heard all your good news from Angela. Sorry I missed the Chapel Hill reunion (I was having a California reunion).

cheers to you and heart-healthy Alex.

xx M
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