Sunday, October 14, 2007


Making progress

I finished my Mama-E cruise socks--a delightful memento five months after the cruise.

The pattern is Retro Rib Socks by Evelyn Clark from Interweave Knits' Favorite Socks.

The colorway is Seasick, an exclusive from Mama-E's C-eye-ber Fiber for the SeaSocks Cruise. I seem to have a ton left over--I could have made knee socks with the amount of yarn left over.

I really liked making these socks but it is kind of a relief to be done. The yarn got hopelessly tangled in June and added a "knot un-tying" challenge to each row.

In other news, I have started recording everything I eat in an online log (available only to me, thank the lord). It is striking how much the act of having to write down what you eat changes the what you eat. It is deeply humiliating to write: "106 candy corns, 13 ritz crackers, chunk gouda cheese, half a red pepper, and 4 glasses wine" for dinner, so I end up (honestly!) eating more normal, less toxic food. This is not a diet, but an attempt to exercise self-control and good judgement. I did accidentally eat both cheesecake and ice cream yesterday afternoon, but overall I have been v.g. about eating sanely. I'm also listening to Bridget Jones's Diary on cassette from the library. V.v.g.

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Yay! Your socks are so pretty. I may knit up my seasick yarn as Retro Ribs.
So how was the Dairy Barn ice cream? The NEA cheesecake was not so bad, huh?
Ugh, I ate so much dairy that afternoon I felt carsick on the way home.

On the plus side, the ice cream was really delicious!
Nice socks! And thanks for the tip about making a baby sweater from sock yarn--I'm gonna have to check that out!
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