Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I heart ANTM

So, I'm doing terribly at the ANTM pool. I gained one point the first week, then lost one point the second week, for a grand total of zero points. I should just choose the girls randomly, methinks. Don't you think this show consistently gives the worst blonde makeovers ever?

That poor girl Jenah looks like pictures of deceased prostitutes that sometimes run in the New York Times in the Metro Section, usually with a italic headline and a byline from an outlying borough. (The fancy Manhattan prostitutes get their stories in Section A.) Just saying.

She totally knows but is powerless to stop it. That is not a happy face.

This (NSFW) is not allowed to appear on a family website like Susie Cupcakes, but YIKES. I believe its made of those resistance bands that I had to use when doing physical therapy on my knee.

If you don't already read the fourfour ANTM recaps, do so immediately: they are brilliant. And watch this week's special video recap for the ten happiest minutes you'll have all week. At least until the next show.


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