Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hump day

First: can you believe the news about Heath Ledger? I actually gasped in the car listening to NPR last night. It sounds like maybe it was just a really tragic accident. So sad. I guess we'll always have Brokeback. Also, apparently, a really terrifying depiction of the Joker in next year's Batman movie.

Second: What do you think of the term "time consumptive"? I've heard this used twice in the past few weeks: once at a conference and once on a conference call. In both cases, it was used where one might say "time consuming." Time consumptive reminds me of Nicole Kidman coughing blood at the end of Moulin Rouge, which in turn reminds me of Ewan McGregor. Yay! Except for the consumption disease part. Anyway, I haven't found a reference to "time consumptive" in dictionaries or grammar guides, so I would guess it's only been used recently. Have you spotted this term? Seems to me people just love to throw on suffixes when they can: problematize, methodology, fabulosity. 'Tis moronosity!

To the task at hand: here is another pair of socks I've been working on:

These are made with the intriguing new Noro Kureyon sock yarn, which the Beckers gave me for Christmas. It's totally cool single ply yarn that goes thick and thin, and constantly varies its color. Here's a closeup of the heel where you can see the yarn's variations.

The pattern is just a standard issue sock with a faux cable every six stitches. Faux cables are super easy: just knit as though you were going to knit 2 together, but instead of dropping the stitches off your righthand needle, knit into the first stitch, then take them off the right needle. It really does look like a cable.

Well, I don't want to be too time consumptive, so ta ta!

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I find it funny that you have a label for diseases, lol.
I cannot think of 'consumptive' as anything other than disease-related, I'm sorry. Time-consuming, not consumptive. Hmmm. Off to check Merriam-Webster.
I want to eat those socks- Noro sock yarn! *head explodes* But would you say that pattern is yarn consumptive?
Another one: Orientate.

Plus, your blog can feature 'knitteration' instead of knitting.
The faux cables are awesome!
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