Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Really Good Mushroom Lasagna

I have just spent over two hours chopping, cooking, mixing, soaking, sprinkling, and simmering the many, many ingredients that go into Cooks Illustrated's "Really Good Mushroom Lasagna." I just hope it really IS really good mushroom lasagna. I delight in the Cooks Illustrated principle of dirtying every bowl in the house to achieve the ultimate recipe. I just wish the subscription came with a dishwasher.


In knitting news, I am entering mittens and socks in the Durham fair. First prize is $4!

It makes me love Connecticut just a little tiny bit.

@#!%$ING GREAT Mushroom Lasagna if you ask me. Reminds me of my Not Lame Artichoke & Mushroom Lasagna.

Also I will totally give you $4 for those mittens. Meet me in the livingroom at 12am if you're interested...
Dr. and Mrs. Cupcakes,
I just had to share that your posting inspired Chris and me to make this lasagna. It indeed dirtied every dish in our house and by the end we were close to divorce, but then we ate the lasagna and we forgot all our troubles.
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