Monday, June 27, 2005


Cranky Pants

I must have put my cranky pants on this afternoon because I feel very frustrated. I cannot find the digital camera, which is not even my digital camera but is Mr. Cupcakes's camera. Mr. Cupcakes is generous and understanding, but he will surely be annoyed that I somehow lost it inside our own house. I last remember using it to take pictures of the Bad Shower Curtain, the one I bought under duress last year, that one that is so ugly I felt the need to mention it to guests before they went in the bathroom. "Pay no attention to the shower curtain! I bought it under duress. Very ugly!" Thanks to Target, we have a new and sparkly Isaac Mizrahi shower curtain. I wanted to take pictures of this new shower curtain, to show the astounding aesthetic improvement between Bad Curtain and Good Curtain, but I CANNOT FIND THE CAMERA.

Arrrgh. Also making me cranky:

1. Having two gladware containers, identical size, but only one lid. Where do these lids go? We never have even numbers of containers and lids, and actually usually have a wide selection of lids for which there are no containers. Perhaps containers never existed. V. v. annoying.

2. The Amazon package I sent to my dad by 2-day express that took no fewer than 6 days to arrive. Why? Why?

3. Trying to figure out some kind of halter top strap for the tank that I knitted, as I am too dumb to understand the French pattern and did not order the strap that is necessary to make the pattern as pictured in the Phildar book. Now the pattern is outdated, and anyway I knit the halter in a different color (purple) than the strap (white) that Phildar used to sell. Therefore the completed halter will probably look amateurish and clunky rather than ethereal and European-chic.

Perhaps I am just in Pumpkin withdrawal, as she has been lured north by promises of Obama and Sedaris. Day 4 of no Pumpkin and at least a week to go.

Come back Pumpkin! Come back camera!

When you find your camera, be sure to post photos of those cranky pants!
Yes, it is sad that Pumpkin is in IL and not here sweltering in the humidity with the rest of us . . . so, have you finished that sock yet or what? I think we all need a progress report! :)
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