Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Like a sauna

It wasn't especially hot here today, but the air was especially sticky and ewwwww. Although we could probably use the rain, I was glad it was clear because we could knit outside at Weaver Street Market.

Looks like fun, huh?
My lord, it's like Knitters of the Corn. So serious! Maybe I shouldn't bring my cat-o-nine-tails and beat those who fall behind. Ah well, lesson learned.

Ellen is making an oven mitt . . . THE BIGGEST OVEN MITT IN THE WORLD!

Well, it will be until she felts it. For now it's just funny.

I completed my sock . . . almost.

My Graybaby let me show off her peachy paws along with my sock. All that's left is the Kitchener stitch. The deadly and confusing Kitchener stitch. Ayiiii!

Tomorrow Jenna comes to visit! My dear Jenna Wenna. Jenna was my next-door neighbor during our first year of college. Turck Hall, y'all. We bonded because we missed . . . I almost fear to admit it . . . our parents' subscriptions to Newsweek. We just loved those quotable quotes and little arrows! So we split a subscription, because we weren't only nerdy but also economical.

We're going to head down to Wilmington and try to figure out what happened in Dawson's Creek to make Joey Potter reject Pacey in favor of Tom Cruise. It truly boggles the mind.

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