Thursday, June 23, 2005


So who is Susie Cupcakes?

The fictional Susie Cupcakes, as immortalized in crude marker drawings, was a constantly smiling child with two giant blond ponytails on either side of the top of her head. When the Spice Girls got big I immediately realized that they had ripped off the whole Susie Cupcakes look for Baby Spice (although the platform shoes were all Baby Spice). Susie was irrepressible, evil, and totally unconcerned with her effects on others. It is remotely possible, perhaps, that Susie allowed a very shy child to act like a huge jerk. In the role of Susie's cousin Margreta, my sister very kindly played the straight man to Susie's antics, which if I recall correctly, often involved breaking things, stealing things, running away, and screaming.

The blogger Susie Cupcakes--me!-- is a different creature. I am a graduate student in school to learn the Lovliest Science, Library Science. I do not wear ponytails, nor do I have a cute, bakery-inspired name. But I like to think that maybe I share a little of Susie's joie de vivre, if you will.

So here I'll post updates on my life: knitting projects, friends, cats, people I meet on the bus, people I avoid on the bus, the goings-on of this small Southern town, whether my boyfriend, Mr. Cupcakes, will be able to finally buy a Volkswagon Thing, and so on. Join me, won't you?

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