Tuesday, June 28, 2005



I picked up Angela from the airport this evening, fresh from her Northern travels with Pumpkin. I don't have any pictures of Angela dressed as a gourd or squash, so we will have to use decorative fonts to say

Welcome back, Angela!

Angela, if I could make it rainbowy and with sparkles, I would, but I can't so just pretend, kay? On the way to the airport, I saw someone driving with the license plate JSTIFIED. Which is awesome, because who knew JT had such devoted North Carolina fans?

Last night Rebecca slummed it in PBS Nerdville (aka Casa de Cupcake) and we worked on socks.

Socks cavorting! Dirty. The blue one is mine, completed and a lil funny looking. Ignore, please. The pinky-red one is Rebecca's, worked toe-up with Yarn Barn yarn (I think).

Oooh, so pretty! The picture really doesn't do justice to the beautiful fuschia and chocolate colors in the yarn.

I'm still plugging away at the Opal sock.

The heel has been turned, so now it's just round and round for the foot. The little red blob in the picture is a cat toy. Also, please ignore. I will try to improve my photographic composition and remove unwanted objects rather than trying to cajole readers' attention away from them.

And finally, the new shower curtain!

I know what you're saying. So what? It's just a curtain.

But, just a few days ago, we were showering with THIS:

And also these:

I feel much safer now. And less like I'm showering in the nautical equivalent of a unicorn painting.

I gotta say, we shoulda kept that shower curtain as an example of Photoshop gone horribly awry. The Lighthouse was sitting on some little rocks IN THE WATER, with the dolphins. It was awesome. As in "Our God is an awesome God, with the flooding, and the locusts, and the vengefulness and the whatnot...", you know, the bad awesome.
Hahahahahahaha . . . you know, I have been in your bathroom - and I never noticed the, um, 'awesome God' shower curtain- it may have been so great that my vision was clouded . . . the stripes, however, seem to be a definite improvement. Glad to hear Angela is back!
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