Friday, June 24, 2005



This morning I woke up to find a string of yarn extending from the bedroom, through the kitchen, and into the living room. This yarn is my dearly beloved Phildar Phil Ruban, which I'm using to make a halter top.

Who could have committed such a diabolical deed?

It was foster cat Gemini, AKA Striper, of course. Note the downcast eyes, a sign of guilt and regret . . . or possibly hunger?

The other cats showed little interest:

Mouse was bored. And also pretty fat.

Graybaby already knew Striper is is a hellion. Graybaby, on the other hand, is charming and delightful.

And of course, we have . . . BUCKLES!
Buckles is counting the hours until Mr. Cupcakes comes home. As we all do.

This weekend I hope to make some progress on the Phil Ruban halter, and also on the socks I'm making with Opal yarn, a birthday gift from the generous and talented Rebecca. This morning, the sock took advantage of the clear day and our skylight to get a little sun.

Ah, c'est magnifique, non?

Also magnifique is my sister Laura (nee Margreta). Today I came home to find the first issue of my birthday gift in the mail . . . US Weekly! It's trashtastic, fantastic! She also sent me a couple months of back issues so I can catch up on Jessica's bikini bod and the Tom Cruise Trainwreck 2005. As she wrote in the card, "I just can't get enough of Joey Potter and a midget!" Well said, my sister. Well said.

WAKE UP, Buck! Nice close up on Striper D.
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