Thursday, June 30, 2005


World of Cupcakes

Susie Cupcakes don't know cupcakes.

But these people really know cupcakes. There's a whole world out there filled with cupcake lovers. And Amy Sedaris is their patron saint? I just love the internets! I do find these cupcakes a little scary, though:

Don't you? They're the Nightmare Before Christmas cupcakes, so I guess they're supposed to be frightening. I'm not entirely sure if we're looking at a before or after picture of cupcake consumption. If it's the latter, then someone is a mighty messy eater. If it's a before picture, I would truly pity the birthday girl whose mom sends her to school with these to share with the class. But it would be a fun way for Mom to say "I really, really hate you."

Onto the news!

Sock COMPLETED! Kitchener stitch . . . still very difficult. But I think it went okay. Next time I'll be sure to tighten the stitches as I go along. Here is the sock:

It fits really nicely--it's great to be able to make perfectly fitting socks. I cast on for the second sock last night while watching Lost with Mr. Cupcakes.

Tonight Jenna arrives! We're going to have the best time. I'll have to warn her about Art, though.

Art is a really big problem in Carrboro.

You are so cute, V-- I mean Susie! Your sock looks great, and so does your blog. Jamie and I need to get started on Happy 4th!
Yum - looking at all those cupcakes made me hungry - at first. Now I feel a little ill - is it possible to suffer visual sugar shock?
Thanks for the kind welcome home Susie. Obama and Sedaris were great, but they're no Ms. and Mr. Cupcake!
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