Friday, July 22, 2005


Da Vinci Hoo Ha

I finished listening to the Da Vinci Code, and was a little disappointed that I guessed several of the plot twists before they happened. I'm usually really bad at guessing the murderer in mystery stories and hopeless at Encyclopedia Brown-type detective work, so I'm thinking that maybe Da Vinci's code isn't quite as sophisticated as it wants to be. The narrator did his darndest to convey Scottish, English, French, American, and Mysterious Albino Monk accents, but his French accent sounded a little, well, loopy. Like the character had been under heavy narcotics for several weeks and had only recently woken up.

It wasn't a terrible book, but it was an awful lot like a John Grisham novel.

As far as knitting, I worked on Top Secret Project last night and thus have no pictures. Thanks for the kind words about the tank top. Thanks also to Stef for her helpful "free ball" comments. I'll certainly take that into consideration . . .

Tonight is the opening of The Island. Yes, last time I checked it was only running a 50 on Metacritic, and it will be overly long and loud and fundamentally dumb, but it has Ewan McGregor. So, that's that. He purdy.

This afternoon I'm going to get some work done on the Big Paper and get a few hours in at work. Someday all this work and endless school will pay off. Right? RIGHT???

I am so pleased the anonymous free-baller was Stef. I was really worried for a minute there.
Me too!
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