Sunday, July 31, 2005


movie magic . . . sort of

Hey, so, it's been a while. Last week got filled up with work, planning (the Franklin Planner refill arrived in the mail, and not a moment too soon), organizing, and a complete overhaul of the knitting supplies in our home. No longer are knitting projects forced to occupy the nooks and crannies of our bookcases--now we have special drawers for current knitting projects, and for patterns, needles, and accessories. I would love to go on Martha's new show this fall and show her how I did it. CALL ME MARTHA!!! I did it all for less than $20 thanks to magic of Target. CALL ME TARGET!!!

Okay, so you know that the Island didn't really work out like we hoped. It was Ewany and all, but I'm hoping for something better and more inspiring this summer. So, with a foolishness born out of senseless hope, I went to see Must Love Dogs.

Look . . . please don't see this movie. You might want to. You might know someone who wants to. Oh, it's John Cusack, sure. But just rent Say Anything or the Grifters. Or even try the sick-making Serendipity or that one movie no one saw where he plays a Nazi. I don't want to berate the point, but any movie which resorts to a group sing-along of the Partridge Family theme song is not good. Even worse is a movie where the "foxy new friend" of the protagonist smiles upon hearing said sing-along, walks to the piano, and plays the melody with the lively good cheer of a ragtime pianist. Shame! Shame!

So tonight, we tried The Wedding Crashers. It's dirty and funny. A solid B+. Well played, Butterscotch Stallion.

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