Friday, July 15, 2005


No Knitting News

Well, my career as magical dog whisperer hit a snag this morning when The Dog and I went outside and he walked to about the mailbox. He then turned around, and walked back toward the house. I tried to coax him back out to the street again but he sat down and held steady, looking at me with big, sad eyes. Maybe . . . he prefers evening walks? More research must be conducted.

Today was a great day . . . no work, just some quality cat time, lunch with Stef at Elmo's, a nap with Mouse, and a shopping trip to Roulette in Carrboro. It must be some Harry Potter magic in the air, because everything fit, and nothing exacerbated the genetic betrayal that is my legacy. (Can you place that line? Hint: All-time greatest movie) I even found pants that fit, which is bizarre and unexpected but also of course delightful. Now Angela and I are off to spend some time with The Dog and The Cats, and then it will be a Very Harry Potter Evening.

Oh, and Us Weekly came, but I need time to digest it before offering special tidbits to you, my dear readers. I did see that they quesily described Portia de Rossi as Ellen DeGeneres's "gal-pal." Gal pal sounds like, I don't know, Lucy and Ethel. I don't think they would call, say, Angelina Jolie "Brad's gal-pal." Although that would be pretty funny, now that I think about it.

C'est suffit. See you tomorrow!

I want a pic of Cameron & Justin stressing over choosing from the 20 funds offered in their 401k. Then I'd know they're "just like me!"
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