Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Problems, solutions

Those of you "in the know" (as the kids say) have seen that Susie Cupcakes has been just a bit stressy lately. And by "stressy," I mean always worried and annoying, and prone to waking up at 4:30 in the morning worried about, like, the washing machine having this funny smell that contaminates our clothes and we don't know it until we've put the clothes on, and sometimes at work, I think "What's that smell?" And I work with moldy, mildewy things, and last week there was a bunch of mouse poop in the folders I was working on. But you know what the smell is? ME!

But at 4:30am, there is little to be done about such a problem. Except change one's pajamas to "washing machine smell-free" versions. But anyway, since I've started trying to exercise more, I think I'll be sleeping better. Also this solution is at-the-ready:

5 drinks + 2 Benedryl = sleepful bliss

Sooooo . . . um, anyway, tonight was knitting night! Hooray!

Another well-attended, stellar event. Many projects underway by the ladies and gentleman knitters . . . socks, scarf, shawl, robot, laptop case, cell phone cover, and, best of all, beer cozies!

Are they not adorable? Rebecca picked up the pattern when she was in Toronto for the Special Libraries Association meeting. That reminds me, I must start researching New Orleans yarn stores to prepare for the August Society of American Archivists meeting. Knitting and libraries are forever entangled, it seems.

But perhaps the best part of this particular knitting meeting was the (non-Susie) CUPCAKES!

David made these homemade vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate buttercream frosting, and they were a huge hit. They were in honor of Miles (nee Buddy) turning the big one-year-old on the fourth of July. Happy birthday Miles! And a big shout-out to my homegirls, Graybaby and Mouse, who turned five on July 4 as well! Looking good, ladies!

And this picture is blurry, but Mouse looks pretty damn cute posing with Completed Sock and Partially Completed Sock.

Cupcakes OUT.

cupcakes and beer cozies . . . it doesn't get any better than that.

great pictures!
y'know, those beer cozies would make exquisite christmas gifts. -wink- (cause apparently carrot-wink-carrot isn't proper HTML. whatever.)
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