Saturday, July 23, 2005


Proximity Alert! Proximity Alert!

My very dear friends came out to the movies last night for a very late show of a movie they didn't, couldn't have wanted to see, just to humor me. Ladies and gentlemen, we visited The Island.

The movie was very loud, violent, and littered with product placement. In the scene above, the clones have like, a club or something that they hang out in and drink Aquafina water (not shown above, ha). Why oh why would clones stuck (spoiler alert! spoiler alert!) in an underground bunker who have no money and no idea a world exists outside of their own care that they are drinking a name brand water? What would they do with this information? A whole lot of nothin', that's what. I sure am thirsty, though.

This is a pretty bad movie with a lot of great actors forced to do stuff like this:

Bewildered-clone-finds-bug scene. Note costume. At least it's tight?

Not every scene was terrible . . .

Nothing wrong with this. Like the glasses. Like the Dieter turtleneck. Confused about why an uber-wealthy Scottish motorcycle/boat designer would drink Michelob Light, but . . . God, I'm thirsty!

Thanks, friends. I owe you a whole lot of puppet shows.

hee hee ha ha hee hee - love it!
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