Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Slap fight night

Slappin' cats.

For some reason, everyone was really excited to see some slap fights tonight, and I think our wish almost came true. But it didn't because God is angry, my friends, and God doesn't give you slap fights if you don't really deserve them.

The skies turned as black as night, and the rain, she a-poured down upon us. We were snug under the overhang, but we had to sit in a somewhat awkward "Last Supper" style side-by-side formation.
This picture came out dark, as my pictures inevitably seem to, so I made it all lightened and old-timey. Pretty sweet, ay? I kind of got the game players and not the knitters in this shot, but there were a bunch of us there. See?

There's two of the knitters right now! They look so arty, don't they? Rebecca made a delish blueberry buckle to share. Always a good time on knit night, God's fury notwithstanding.

I worked on the ribbon x-back tank.

It's pretty cool yarn to work with. Seed stitch is a pain, but we must suffer for beauty.

And now, the long-awaited, much-debated Us Weekly round-up:
Okay, seriously, it is such a boring magazine, but it has a candy corn effect on me, wherein I read it compulsively until sickened and Alex has to take it away from me. I guess it's indicative that when I tried to remember what was in it, I couldn't remember a single article, and I read it last night.

The only kinda weird part was in the inevitable Brangelina article:

During their trip Angelina applied to adopt an Ethiopian baby girl, according to Yohannes Ruphael, the editor in chief of the Addis Tribune. (Note: Ruphael has reported for Us Weekly on assignment in the past.)

Okay, (1) Does Us Weekly have ethics? So careful to warn readers of possible bias on the part of this source! And usually their sources are anonymous, or stalking paparazzi, or what their interns read on blogs. So why so up front about this? And (2) For what possible reason did Us Weekly need to employ the editor in chief of the Addis Tribune for assignments in the past? To cover the up-and-coming Ethiopian cinema? Maybe Ruphael is just a really awesome reporter, and the only person they trusted to cover, like, Mischa Barton's trip to Italy. In that case, I tip my hat to you, Yohannes Ruphael!

It's martini time, peeps.

To conclude:
Mouse in a drawer!

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