Tuesday, July 26, 2005


A Theory

The wrath of God is starting to get tiresome.

I'm not even sure what's happening to the sun on Thursday. Some kind of reddish hellfire smoldering, it appears.

This summer has been pretty gross, weather-wise and me-wise. Sure, I'm not doing some of the unpleasant jobs I did during previous summers, such as
So currently, of course, my job is fabulous, especially compared to the ones I've just mentioned. But still, I can't shake the feeling that I'm always behind on things, about to fail at one thing or another. I have grudgingly ordered a refill for my Franklin planner, because although I hate the fussiness of the planners and Stephen Covey is an absolute loon, the anal list making and goal setting encouraged by the planner is what I need right now.

My other problem is that the scale says I gained about 7 pounds in a week. Is this possible? I think I've been eating okay, and my clothes don't feel tight, but I have weighed myself multiple times and it always comes out the same. Alex tried feeding me some line about "springs" and "KMart scale" or somesuch, but I know it's not that. Can people have, like . . . a reverse tape worm? That instead of stealing your nutrition actually accelerates it, or maximizes calories or something? If so, then that's what I have. According to my calculations, I'll be twice my current weight by December.

I weep.

If you're twice your weight by December I'll just have to love you twice as much.
Geeezzz, extreme heat followed by flooding rains . . . God sure is mad! Perhaps he/she was a little pissed off that the Island didn't do so well on its first weekend. ;)
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