Tuesday, July 12, 2005



Kittens, not much new to report tonight. No new knitting accomplishments. That deserves a sad emoticon: :^(

But today I did so many things! I cleaned off mildewy papers and took apart a scrapbook at work. I went walking/jogging with Mr. Alex Cupcakes. I drove Stef to a library in the middle of nowhere, and then picked her right back up, and we went to Tyler's and had a beer. And to top it all off, US Weekly arrived! Tomorrow I shall report on the top stories featured therein. Because it's important.

Altogether, a lovely day. See you tomorrow for knit night, and the resulting slap fights!

i wouldn't say to turned 'right' back around...you had a bit of a nice ride before you came back to get me. CANCELLED!!!!!!! (Thank you!)
Slap fights? Does all the fun start after I leave each Wednesday night? ;)

See you tomorrow!
Rebecca, the slap fights are the best part! Along with the hair-pulling and high-pitched screaming. And Pumkin, if CANCELLED equals BEER, then SUSIE equals HAPPY.
Ellen and I are sad to miss the slap fights...but it's 4 o'clock, where is the US Weekly report?! Specifically, how are celebs just like us (this week)?
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