Thursday, August 18, 2005


Big Sleazy

I made it! Big ups to Stef for helping me with the poster. I love you Pumpkin! The poster is up, the correct size, and entirely non-humiliating thanks to her help.

So, New Orleans. It's really hot here, and humid. Or at least it was yesterday. Today I haven't left the hotel. Wheee! Yesterday I got into New Orleans after a stopover in Houston and some unintentional physical comedy of me trying to purchase a bag of Chex Mix, pull out my wallet, hold onto the poster tube and juggle my backpack. I'm sure they've all stopped laughing now. THAT'S ENOUGH, HOUSTON. I took a very crowded shuttle ride to the hotel and checked in. Yay! The room was fine, but the bathroom was a bit curious in regards to its proclivity towards very hot water out of all taps at all time. No cold water. They tried to fix it last night, tried to fix it this morning, and I guess gave up because I had a message after this morning's sessions that we were to report to the 29th floor EXCLUSIVE CHECK-IN for our NEW room.

Aw yeah. We've been UPGRADED!

Well, sort of. The room is the same size, but we have a fax machine! Robes! Strange tube shaped pillows on the beds! And best of all (and I really should wait for the photos to tell you about this) but there's a phone next to the toilet! Obviously, this room is usually used by very very busy people.

Me? I'm heading upstairs to the EXCLUSIVE executive lounge for cocktails. UPGRADED!!!

[Apologies for all the hysterical capitalization. Louisiana just does something to me. You know? DO YOU?]

I want toilet phone photos! But it does make you wonder who has used that phone in the past (and if you would want to touch it sans gloves). I think I've heard that guy in the airport stall.
When you say hot water came out of all the taps, did that include the beer tap? Because that would be very frustrating to me and I would only expect an upgrade to a room that also had a Yaeger tap and a nacho cheese tap.
welcome back susie! i can't wait to hear about your adventure - got and pixs?
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