Sunday, August 21, 2005


New Orleans

When I checked into the hotel on Wednesday, the sky looked a little dark.

We were on the 16th floor (prior to the upgrade, when we were upgraded to the 25th floor) so we had this terrific view of the Mississippi River and the daily thunderstorms that sweep through the area.

My roommate Linda and I went to Cafe Du Monde after the storms cleared, for some beignets and iced cafe lattes. Delicioux!

Our delight was only slightly muffled by the street musician who continually played a high, sour note on his saxaphone right outside the cafe to encourage people to give him money. It sounds backwards, but people did give him money--so he would stop. Jeez, no one ever gave me money to stop playing oboe; I stopped out of a general respect for humanity. The reeded instruments are awfully cruel.

Jenna, are you paying attention? Because on the way back to the hotel, we passed this:

And you know that petit=MINIATURE!

You're correct, that is a topless female pirate. (Welcome, those of you who just googled "topless female pirate" and landed here!)

I liked how the window arranged WWII soldiers next to colonial soldiers next to confederate soldiers next to a Dixieland jazz band.

The next day was the day I wrote about in the previous entry, in which the magical upgrade occurred. That night we went out to the Crescent City Brewhouse for some beer, followed by a trip to Pat O'Brien's for Hurricanes. I'm not a big rum person, but the Hurricane has its charm, as does Pat O'Brien's fountain of fire. I mean, "Flaming Fountain." I love the to-go cups. So practical!

The next day Linda, Jill and I tried to take the streetcar in the morning, but it rained and rained and rained. We took the free ferry across the river to kill some time.

Later that day, it did clear up, so we finally took our streetcar ride. It was very very very hot and I think a brain cloud passed over me for some time. The streetcar was cool stylistically, with wooden seats and breezy open windows, but hot physically, because it wasn't air-conditioned. After some water at the end of the line I felt better, and even noticed on the way back that there were beads hanging in all the trees. I mean, ALL the trees. See?

Okay, you totally can't see but trust me, they were there.

That night was a reception at the aquarium, with spooky jellyfish and a big beautiful tortoise. Then in a big blur, the conference was over. I went back through Houston and onto Raleigh, and soon was back home again.

But I didn't forget to take a picture of this:

I still can't believe we got upgraded! Talk to you later!

Oh yeah...toilet phone when your business can't wait for your business!
oh val, you MUST put that photo on any professional website you ever have!
woo! nawlins! it was so fun hanging out with you.

On a completely unrelated note, Tivo will be an absolute necessity this fall:

America's Next Top Model 5 premieres Sept. 21 @ 8pm

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart premieres Sept. 21 @ 8pm

It's TYRA vs. MARTHA!!!!!!!

Or, maybe I should stop watching so much TV...
It looks like you can only sit and talk for two rolls worht. What's up with that? Or, was there more behind those rolls that we couldn't see in the picture?
Sadly, the hotel failed to provide more than 2 toilet roll holders. Luckily, with the phone by your side, it was easy to call down to the front desk to ask for a refill.

I can't believe Top Model is on at the same time as Martha's Apprentice! What to watch, what to record . . .
Has Valex read "Under the Banner of Heaven" yet because that may help you get a heads up on some of the Mormon history/wierdness. Let me know if you're interested and I can bring a copy to dinner.

For the Mormon readers of this blog, I mean no disrespect. By 'wierdness', I am speaking of the extremes that some followers have taken while interpreting the words of the Mormon pioneers.
Oooo... miniature Confederate soldiers. That totally tops the Cape Fear Museum of Science and Industry and Michael Jordan and Good Beavers.
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