Sunday, August 14, 2005


Turtles and popsicles

This past week has been filled with excitement, drama, and romance. Well, not so much on the romance, unless you consider the hazy humidity of central North Carolina romantic, and after the past 3 months of unvarying heavy duty hazy humidity I most certainly DO NOT consider it romantic. But still, much excitement and drama, such as
  1. My sister Laura (aka Margreta) is coming to visit in October with her bff (best boyfriend) Anil. Hooray! We shall show them the sites and sing them the songs. Hazy humidity should be significantly reduced by that time, too.
  2. A bird got injured at Weaver Street during our knitting group night, and there was an amazing attempt at a bird rescue by Alicia and Jesse, and I can only say that I thought of the soup cup in which to place the injured bird. Alicia and I went to the very empathetic and friendly Triangle Pet Emergency Treatment Center, where they evaluated the bird and decided that it wasn't going to make it, and so humanely euthanized it. Although it was sad not to be able to save it, I'm really glad to learn about this very nice emergency vet clinic and know that they can help out if anyone finds an injured animal. Alicia has the link to their info here.
  3. Alex found a turtle in the road and saved it. He is such an incredibly nice person, and seriously has the best instincts on how to help people and animals. The pictures of the turtle are also incredibly beautiful. We released the turtle (Shelley, natch) at Lake Crabtree today. Hooray!
  4. Rebecca and I went to the wonderful LocoPops, a sparsely furnished and inconspicuous new popsicle shop in Durham. They don't seem to have a webpage but here is a review of the store. These are far more than just popsicles, though. We tried fig almond cream, chocolate chile, ginger white peach, and mixed berry. They are the perfect way to cap off a hazy and humid afternoon.
  5. Roger Ebert has used his Pulitzer Prize in the most suitable way possible.
That's it for drama, I guess. No knitting news . . . just more progress on the ribby tank. Blogging will be sporadic for the next couple of weeks, and if you're bored while I'm gone (ha) do visit Veiled Conceit, the funniest website I've seen in a long time, especially if you are a little bit obsessed with the NY Times wedding announcements. Not that I am.

And visit Brad's blog, please!

i haven't had loco-pops in about two weeks! i'm suffering withdrawal.

isn't chocolate chile amazing??
Okay- I admit it. I am completely addicted. I actually went to loco-pops again on Sunday with my mom . . . this time we had:

My mom's choices: lemon blueberry, mojito

My choices: minty honeydew, peaches and cream

Everything was again wonderful. However, I do agree that chocolate chili is my favorite. And I also learned that the fig almond cream was a one-time flavor- as a restaurant owner on 9th street gave them a bowl of figs . . . MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Glad the turtle made it home. :)
for carrboro/chapel hill denizens--if you take one of those cooler lunchboxes (like the kind they gave out at library employee appreciation day) and pack it with ice and an ice pack, you can get loco pops to go (i fit 8 in my lunchbox when my family was visiting). despite what the owner says, the chocolate ones will survive the 30 minute trip.

my loco pops record: 4 times in 8 days. it gives trips to durham a whole new thrill!
i must commend you on your subtle re-telling of the "injured bird" story, and i am saying this as the aunt of the rapscallion responsible for the death of the poor winged creature...
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