Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Utah. But I'm taller.

The plane tickets are bought, the car's reserved, and the hotels are booked. We're going to Utah in two weeks! We're flying into Salt Lake City, then driving down to Price and staying here. Then the next day we're driving to Moab and staying here. (Don't miss the 360 degree views of the log cabin- themed rooms). After a couple of days in Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and hopefully a visit to Newspaper Rock, we're heading back north to spend the weekend in Park City to see Graham and Malena get married. YAY! I am very very excited. Next week I'm going to New Orleans (Nawlins) for three days, but that's all business. Weeeeell, mostly business. Any of you who have been to Utah or New Orleans, let me know in the comments what to do and see in those places.

Today I was in Harris Teeter (that's a grocery store, for you Northerners), and there was a dad there with his two little kids. The kids were trying little ham samples, and one of them said, in a deeply loving and blissful way, "I love ham." Aw, kid. I love that you love ham that much.

When Ellen and I went to the Big Easy this spring, we ended up going to Fritzel's Jazz Pub (733 Bourbon Street) several times. If you have buy a drink, you can sit and watch some great old timey jazz. The atmosphere is much nicer than most of Bourbon St. Also, it is worth going to Pat O'Brien's (624 Bourbon St) to get a hurricane or a mint julep. They also have dueling pianos in one of the back rooms...who doesn't like dueling pianos?!? Of course, you must have beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe Du Monde (open at any hour). The Palace Cafe is right on Canal near the Marriott and is a good place to go for a nice lunch between meetings. These are all very touristy but worthwhile, I think. My New Orleans friend took me to a bar called The Columns on St. Charles (a cab or street car trip away from your hotel). Men in jackets and bow ties serve you in an old mansion-type place and it all feels like a movie. Ellen says to check out Quarter Stitch (630 Chartres St) for fancy yarn stuff. As for Utah, I only know what I read in dooce.com...
I don't know what the hell that drunk-on-kasey chambers yahoo is babbling up there, but here is some useful information. The Dead Goat Saloon and Squatters Brew Pub, both within a few blocks of each other and the Marriott, are worthwhile destinations in SLC. A day hike to see the Druid Arch-where I heard two dweebs once got engaged-also well worth the struggle. Although you have to take the long way into Canyonlands (1 hour from Moab) and not the short way (15 minutes from Moab), it is well worth the drive. While in Moab,
you MUST eat breakfast at the Jailhouse, no matter how long the wait. Get there early. Also, Poplar Place dishes out some pretty good pizzas. You may be tempted by the clever name, however, avoid Eddie McStiffs at all cost (if it's still in business). Whatever you do, do not rent a jeep and go "off-roading", a.k.a shitting in the mouth of mother nature and calling it a sundae.
Have a good time in Utah!
Check this s$%t out.
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