Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Exciting addition to the Blog-o-verse!

My sister Laura (aka Margreta) has gotten all bloggy. Visit her at Team Gray! for some startling revelations and learn more about her "stray, gay, and most importantly gray" cats.

Since I moved down Cackalacky way, I don't get to see Laura as much as I used to. But to make up for it our Christmas holidays at home are now filled, from the moment we wake to the moment we pass out, with the following activities:
  1. Chips and dip. But only this one kind of French onion dip available only in Fargo that is so light on the onion, it is effectively sour cream. It's kind of gross, actually.
  2. Watching terrible romantic comedies.
  3. Drinking from our parents' giant bottomless containers of red wine. Mom and Dad = enablers.
  4. Playing "Edelweiss" on the piano as a duet, with Laura providing the thundering bass line and I the melodic counterpoint. We bring tears to the eyes of many. Our rendition of "The Lonely Goatherd" has a similar effect.
  5. Reading trashy books and magazines
  6. Gaining 10 pounds from the aforementioned chips and dip and wine.
Now that Laura's on the Internets, though, we don't have to wait until Christmas to have fun. Perhaps we can play a "duet" of blogs, using "computer chips" instead of "real chips."

I'm still looking forward to the real chips, though.

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she's right funny - what good genes ya'll have!
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