Thursday, September 08, 2005


Hmmmm . .

My plan to take some fantastic pictures this weekend didn't come to fruition, partially due to a cold that seemed to get worse each day. I felt like I was walking around with a blanket wrapped around my head, which is not only dangerous but foolish. After many doses of Advil Cold and Sinus, I am back to normal, except for a strange electric feeling that seems to be running through my shoulders and hands. Perhaps this indicates it is time to reduce my dosage of Advil Cold and Sinus. Or my dosage of gin.

The news has been pretty much, you know, hideous this week. Let's not even discuss it, my friends, or I shall burst into the internet tears (i.e. <cry></cry>). So here are some nice things to think about:

1. Kittens
I am rather fond of kittens.

2. Death Cab has a new album! And you can even listen to the whole album for free. And the timing of this new album is perfect because . . .

3. The OC is back tonight! And that means Seth Cohen will be back. Li'l Seth!
Although somewhere in the middle of the comic book storyline last year I became more interested in the oddly dashing Sandy Cohen.

Mmmm, eyebrows.

4. Lighthearted childhood games. I've been thinking lately about the games my sister and brother and I used to play, and I think that they reveal a lot about us, as a macabre people. Just a sampling:
A fun time, my friends, a fun time indeed.

Well, that's enough nice things for one day, I think. Keep your spirits up--remember, we may be going to hell in a handbasket, but it's a new and surprising handbasket every day!

Nice, we played in "ditches" of rain water in our front yard also, but instead of "ditches" we called them swales. We also pronounced this word as shwhale- I wish I could type in phonetics.
Playing consisted of "ghost in the graveyard", yet another happy colorful game. Hot lava pit was another exciting fun time when pillows were thrown about on our orangey-red shag carpet and one hopped from pillow to pillow while attempting to avoid falling into a fiery death.
Ouch! that burns, but it's all so eventful.
man, my sibs and i just played various permutations of tag (freeze and tv were especially popular). ok, sometimes we also played street hockey with the goal my dad built for us.
my cousins and i played a lovely game called "Bloody Murder," which was essentially just hide and seek.
I don't know why Edward Gorey got so creative with his stuff. He could've just chronicled the "Gillipiecrumb Tinies" verbatum. D is for Danny adrift in Doomsday Lake...
I think it should be noted that "Blind Man in Charge" was developed during a summer that reruns of "Charles in Charge" were aired on ABC. Not surprisingly, I really liked the idea of being "in charge". My fav part of that game was actually getting out of the pool, but remaining just outside of it, and tricking Danny for up to 15 minutes.
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Was Danny playing Willie Aames (aka Bible Man)?
Mr. Gallagher sure has some 'brows! I've always been a fan of him...the performance I like the most is the one from the Idolmaker. It came out in thelate 70s, and he was so young!
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