Monday, September 26, 2005


Pants on fire

Remember when I said I wouldn't start any new projects until I finished my old projects?

Well...I LIED!

I was weak! I doubled the Liesel pattern from Yummy Yarn and it is my first foray into lace making. It's also my first time reading charts, and there were a few moments of frustration (read: 4 hours) until I realized that for the even numbered rows, you have to read backwards and reverse all the instructions. But of course! It's sort of an exercise in suspension of disbelief. "Okay, it says knit, so . . . PURL!"But if you just believe (or as Cher would say, "beLEEve), it works perfectly. Now reading the chart is as easy as reading text.

The Liesel pattern is for a scarf, so by doubling it I'm going for more of a wrap. If it ever drops below eighty degrees here I'll wear it constantly.

Beautiful! How much would you charge to make lil sis one of those? In a winter white. Or perhaps periwinkle! Lovely n' lacy.
OMG! That is gorgeous. Congrats, 'cat.
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