Thursday, September 01, 2005



We made it back from Utah, where we had a great time hiking and wedding-attending. I took about 4 pictures before I realized that Alex was going to exhaustively document nearly every moment. In fact, I no longer recall his face. I can only picture a lens and instructions to "stand there."

So, I really didn't take any pictures. Why don't you check out Mr. Cupcakes's blog for some beautiful shots of Moab?

Since we got back, it's been really sad to hear about what has happened to New Orleans. I can't believe I was there only 2 weeks ago. It was a beautiful city, and the people were great. I hope they can get things fixed up again. Here are a couple of pages with ways to help.

My August of travel is now over. I did manage to get some knitting done in Utah, so I'll put some pictures up soon. Size 1 needles, baby!

Blogger's not cooperating this morning, so that's it, my dears. More soon . . .

The Moab pix are lovely!

I just looked at CNN, and the New Orleans Convention Center and Riverwalk where we stayed are now filled with refugees.
Size 1 needles! Woo hoo! Now that's some serious knitting :-)
I'm glad you enjoyed our town (Moab). Out of curiosity, where was the wedding? My husband and I were married at Red Cliffs two years ago, on Sept. 21. It's a popular spot.

Yes, it truly is sad about New Orleans. I never did see it, though I've driven through northern Louisiana before.

Have a good day!
The wedding was in Park City, which was lovely, too! We came to Utah early to get to see Moab and the nearby parks, which we had heard a lot about. We loved visiting Moab--you are lucky to live there!
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