Sunday, September 18, 2005


What's that?

Oh, hello there! I'm just hanging out here, developing laptop creases in my legs. Since my desk is covered in books, bills, magazines, and stuff I cannot deal with, I have created a fortress out of the orange arm chair in my living room. The arms of the chair are covered in folders, books, notes, Graybaby, a crumpled kleenex, a cardigan, an empty glass of water, and a bottle of beer. (Thanks, Mr. Cupcakes!) In the chair is ME, a fixture it will get to know oh-so-well over the next three months. Cause you know what? I got a paper to write. A PAPER. THE paper. I have to write it or I'll never get out of here and I'll have to spend the rest of my life crying. Not that I won't do that anyway, ha ha!

Except you know what? I've spent the last two hours on the internets with only the teeniest of minibreaks and all that interesting data I thought I could collect? Is not there. Does not exist. HATE THE INTERNETS. It's filled with crazy stuff about poop and cocaine but not with boring, normal stuff that I wanted to find! So now I have to have a reconceptualization. Now I need to write about how stupid internets are missing all the stuff they should have.

Okay, well, back to work! See ya in December!

Actually, I believe the middle of November is the correct time for us to see the sun once again . . . which, I might add is a mere SEVEN weeks away (give or take)!

How is that possible???

At any rate, I'll buy ya a beer (or three) the day we turn our papers in. Then I am going to sleep for a week. :)
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