Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Yarn Sale

This weekend Cozy, Durham's adorable little yarn and gift store, had their yearly 25% off yarn sale. I went last year, when there was a group of rabid women lined up at the door before it opened, and upon the unlocking of the door then staked out strategic positions in front of critically important yarns. I became flustered and had to quickly exit, where Alex revived me with smelling salts and a Huevos Rancheros from Elmo's. The trip, while technically a failure, was delicious!

This year, I decided to be stronger, and not let pushy ladies get in the way. Excellent plan, because look at THIS!

70% mohair, 30% silk, in a gorgeous saturated deep red. I have about 500 yards, and I'm hoping to make a simple, not-too-big wrap with it. It will also be my first experiment into lace.

While I was taking pictures, my good bud Maxou came over for a sniff.

Thems good eats!

Also purchased at Cozy:
Pretty pretty Opal sock yarn, and

Bamboo yarn! Eden from Madil, to be exact. The color is more of a pale coral, peachy color, not cotton candy pink. I am thinking about whether I could use this to make Hopeful, which Claudia over at Claudia's blog recently made. The yarn is so soft and silky!

Now, of course I can't start any new projects until I finish my old projects. These are:
  1. ChicKnits Ribby Shell: 90% done!
  2. Phildar Halter Tank from the Ete 2004 pattern book: also 90% done. Just the i-cord left, and I shudder when I think of making a 6+ foot i-cord, but I just need to sit down and do it. Possibly with a glass of wine.
  3. Gray-and-white striped socks: 50% done. Exactly 50%. See?

I finally figured out the secret to the perfect gusset. Hooray!

I'm going to try to take pictures of the gusset-making next time . . . more for my sake than anyone else's.

The sock has been approved by Maxou, too.

ETA: Thanks to all of you for your comments about your favorite childhood games/Peter Gallagher in the last post. You all are pretty funny. Either most kids are pretty macabre about their games, or we have selected friends who enjoy macabre childhood games. Probably a little of column A, a little of column B.

Every time I go to Cozy I look at that silk/mohair yarn! -- are you going to make the lace scarf like the one they have on display? It is scrumptous! And, Hopeful is way cute.

The sox look great!
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