Saturday, October 22, 2005


Baby, you got a stew going!

I love living in my little town, just steps away from restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, a drug store, video store, library, spooky Chinese superbuffet, etc. And of course, I especially love being a mere BLOCK away from a yarn store. But I'm developing candy corn tendencies with the yarn store. That is, I CANNOT STOP!

Scene #1: Last Friday. Have completed hurdle #39583 towards getting a degree: the comp exam. I'm definitely competent . . . in making things up fast. Please may I have my master's, dear sir? I'm so tired.

Condition (in head): Foggy, groggy, irate

Condition (in weather): Lovely

Accomplice: One Miss Rebecca, who, I might add, was the one who suggested the trip.

Outcome: Reeeeeeally beautiful laceweight hand-painted local merino wool AIIIIIYIIII!

It is too beautiful. The color you see is much too cool blue . . . in reality, it's the color of, um, let's say the bottom of a pristine Caribbean sea. After several days of fondling it, cooing sweet-nothings at it, wearing it around my neck, I rolled it into a ball. MAN do I wish I had a ball winder. My forearms are going to get all Popeye-style without one.

Anyways, shout out to Three Waters Farm for making such a beautiful yarn. It will become the inevitable Clapotis. I just have to make it, or I lose my knitblogger license. And then this would be just cat pictures.

Which would be pretty awesome, right?

Scene #2: This past Thursday. Laura and Anil are in town, and we just ate brunch at Elmo's and are enjoying the gorgeous very warm October afternoon.

Condition (in head): Joyous, sisterly, full (technically, that would be condition of stomach)

Condition (in weather): Lovely, if not very seasonal

Accomplice: Laura, Anil.

Outcome: Reeeeeeally beautiful fuzzy soft fine Rowan (oooh) Kidsilk (no, not Haze) Night!

EEEEEE!!!! Kidsilk Night has a little tiny bit of intriguing sparkle in it.

In my defense, it's for Laura, not me. Her Christmas present will be a wrap like the red one I'm making.

Which is getting kind of long now, but might need to be put on hold as I gear up for Christmas gift-making. Sorry about the wonky on-the-concrete-avec-flipflop picture.

I also finished a sock, the cabled sock from Fall's Interweave Knits.

It's pretty cute, I think.

The pattern has you make some slightly off-center, vintage-y features in the sock. The author of the pattern, Nancy Bush, has a new book, Knitting Vintage Socks. It looks pretty awesome.

But not as awesome as this, right?

Don't forget the blocking on the stole. It'll be gorgeous. And Kidsilk Night. Mmm. Lucky sister!

- MJ
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