Saturday, October 01, 2005


My favorite month

It's finally October, and the weather has turned cool (relatively). Only in the 70s! Time to pull out those wool sweaters.

I kid . . .

Even though I complain about the warm weather, all the heat and humidity does make plants grow, even when unattended and uncared for. When I walk to work, I pass a an overgrown patch of morning glories, happily sunning themselves next to train tracks every morning.

They're purple and pink and white, and are still going strong. Given how warm its been, maybe we'll still be seeing them in November.

Today I spent some time with Stef at Internationalist Books, and worked on some homework assignments. In 5 days, Alex and I are heading west to San Francisco for a wedding. Woot!

Gemini spent the day relaxing, too, with his crazy black-on-the-bottom paws up in the air.


October is my favorite too!!! But, um, I actually did wear a wool sweater yesterday :)
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