Monday, April 24, 2006



I'm back in good old CT after a long (long!) weekend of merriment in Minnesota. I got to see my mom, dad, sister, brother-cousin (don't ask) Anil, Jenna, Mark, Alex's family, Kofi Annan, Molly and Kenny at their wedding (woo!), and my fair cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul. Mostly in transit between Laura's house in Minneapolis and Alex's house in St. Paul. So much time on Raymond Avenue! That's okay--Raymond is definitely in the top ten of avenues in St. Paul.

I came back yesterday, NO THANKS to Northwest Airlines which again proved itself as the most antagonistic of airlines, ever, in the history of airlines which have direct flights between Minneapolis and anywhere. I am not sure if NWA is aware that its customers are not, in fact, enemies of their organization, and that they also do not need to reserve an ENTIRE OVERHEAD COMPARTMENT for imaginary, invisible first class passengers. Also, they do not need to stop me from putting my bag in the (apparently holy, ritually empty) first class overhead compartment by saying in an agitated tone, "Excuse me, I assume you're sitting here?" with the worst bitchface ever. Never assume, my friend. I cannot tell you how annoying it was to hear the clinking of first class china and silverware during the flight. It reminded me of that Seinfeld where Elaine has to sit in coach and Jerry is in first class and he gets sundaes and slippers and Elaine tries to sneak in and is brutally rebuffed. A classless society! Ha!

And then today I went to a conference in Worcester, MA and got hideously lost and kept driving around what looked like old mills or horror movie sets and I could see the college that I was trying to reach, up on a hill, but could not actually discover any entrance to this (literal) ivory tower. I spent 45 (that's FORTY FIVE) minutes driving around the surely charming Worcester trying to find a college that according to the Google Maps instructions was 245 feet from the exit.

But I didn't cry. And I will my stoic behavior as a victory! And we must take our victories where we can.

And soon I will have knitting updates. Promise.

Kofi Annan? Do tell.
He was speaking at Macalester College to launch a somewhat vague global studies initiative. He's a Mac alum. I thought his talk was great. Also, his security detail was cra-zy. But I guess it has to be like that.
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