Thursday, April 06, 2006



Today when I was leaving work, I heard a chant coming from outside the front doors of the library:

What do we want? PEACE! When do we want it? NOW!

I immediately thought, Awwwww, a protest! Yay! People had cardboard signs and there were kids on scooters and everything. I must say, any refrain that starts "What do we want?" tugs on the heartstrings, as I was steamed in the hot wok of protest during my four years at Krunchy Kids Kollege. Now, whenever I return for a visit, I can lovingly remember the Whole Foods we protested, the Target buiding we protested, the administration we protested. They're all still there, of course, as the effect of twelve students handing out leaflets dressed up in strawberry costumes is seldom enough to shut down the entire interstate refrigerated strawberry shipping industry and its reliance on migrant workers. But....we tried.

In other news: is anyone else excited to see Phat Girlz? Mr. Cupcakes has given me a flat no on that one. He offered a more uncertain no on She's the Man though. Yeeesssss! A no is just a yes, upside-down!

do you have pictures of these strawberry outfits?
Mo'Nique! Wacky teen hijinks - how could you say no to either?
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