Monday, April 17, 2006



Guess what? Guess what? I totally saw Kim from America's Next Top Model at the campus food store today! Eeeeeeeee! At least, I'm 99% sure I did. I didn't take a picture or get an autograph, but here is my evidence:

1. It was at her alma mater.
2. She looked exactly like Kim. So much so that I was idly wondering if Kim had a little sister who goes to the school before further evidence (items 4 and 5) made me think it was really her.
3. She was wearing a Where's Waldo? esque outfit.
4. Her friend called her "Kim."
5. (This one's the clincher.) She warned her friend not to buy carrots, saying she couldn't eat them because they were "carbolicious." I might add that she weighed about 102 pounds.

She looked much tinier and prettier than on TV--although she was pretty cute on TV too. I totally wish I had asked her questions! What's Tyra really like? What's Tyra's weave really like? Is Jay Manuel that orange in person? Did you really sleep with that one girl? Also, did you sleep with anyone else on the show? Did Lisa really pee in that diaper? And most importantly, Janice Dickinson: awesome or super-awesome?

This ranks as my second greatest celebrity sighting, falling behind only the Prince/Gwen Stefani/Gavin Rossdale incident of 2000. It is definitely better than the time my family thought we saw Dom DeLuise driving on the interstate during a family vacation.

Color me a-swirl-y uber-jealous!

PS: I hated Lisa.
lisa totally peed in the diaper! and she's on the true hollywood story all, it's bullshit that they kicked me off. dude, you peed on national television. you are not a top model.

anyway, awesome celebrity sighting!!
Kim! she's one of my ANTM all-time faves.
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