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This post is long overdue, but I made a Clapotis! I did it about a year after everyone else did, but I am nothing if not slow on the uptake.

I used Schaefer Yarn's "Anne" in an unknown colorway (the label had fallen off), but it is a really lovely cherry red with touches of gold and dark orange. Rebecca looked at it and immediately smelled the dye on it. She warned me that I would need to wash it thoroughly after knitting to avoid the dreaded "rashy neck" look.

So once I finished knitting, I gave it a little bath in the sink. And yep, we had a bleeder!

I continued to wash it with warm water, a mild soap, and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Thing the eight rinse, the thing was still leeching color!

Finally, around rinse eleven with continued pink water, I just figured that try to wear the scarf with red clothes to avoid any residual dye transfer. And luckily, it has stayed color fast since then.

So purdy.

This was pretty easy to knit, except I freaking ran out of yarn with about twenty rows left to go. If I were a good type A knitter, I would have frogged back about 110 rows, done one pattern repeat less, and finished it off. Since I fall more into a type B category (with residual guilt about lack of perfectionist tendencies) I just cast off. Just like that. The great thing about this pattern is that it is knit on the bias and has a lot of texture and curl to it. Had it been a regular scarf, my slacker decision would have looked like a rectangle with one corner snipped off. But with all the curling and draping, no one but me knows about my dirty little secret! No one but me and the population of the Internets.

Hot stuff, yo.

Something about this wrap makes me want to put it on my head, and whenever I wear something on my head, I turn into Jade from America's Next Top Model.

We're like twins!

Ah yes . . . Clapotis . . . I still have 48 more rows before decreasing . . . this was, my, um, Olympic knitting!!! . . . geez . . . Yours is FABULOUS!!! You cannot tell the ktbl AT ALL- and you are SO NOT JADE'S TWIN . . . although you most certainly could be a finalist on ANTM. :)
ooh, so pretty!! now i want to knit one . . .

if you REALLY want to be like jade, you must talk about yourself in the third person! using made-up words!
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