Sunday, June 18, 2006



I'm back in Connecticut after a wonderful birthday weekend in North Carolina. The weather was warm and sunny (except for Wednesday's downpour), lots of friends came out for birthday drinks at the OCSC, and we got to visit many favorite local spots. Angela was a fabulous hostess, and she made delicious buttery toast and hot coffee each morning--truly fortifying after some late nights. She was also not adverse to letting me lie around on her living room rug reading Newsweek. Any friend of Newsweek is a friend of mine.

Leaving North Carolina again was a bit difficult, although it is far too embarrassing to admit getting choked up at the sight of the I-40 sign for exit 273. Only a fool would be so sentimental, right? Anyway, it was a bit melancholy coming back to Olde New Englande, but my tomato plants have started growing real tomatoes, so life is not entirely without thrills. Also, it's really hot here so the cats are delightfully wilty.

Coming next: yarn, duh! Also, how knitting in public helped me make friends with a Cuban couple in the Raleigh-Durham airport. Knitting: the international symbol for goodwill.

It is a shame you left before the Johnny Depp issue of Newsweek came. Molly was delighted to discover on her return from Prague that her subscription had not run out.
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