Wednesday, June 28, 2006


my little college

I got a call tonight from my undergraduate college, which has suspiciously good tracking skills and has now followed me through four moves, seamlessly, somehow always discovering my new phone number and address. Jenna made a strong argument for why we, as alums, should contribute to the annual fund, and even though I have many thousands of dollars in student loans yet to pay, I now always contribute. Thank you, my responsible and civic-minded friend! Also, they always put really cute, sweet, optimistic environmental studies majors on the phone and you feel like it's slapping a puppy to say no to them.

Soon, I will have some updated knitting news. I completed my 13th pair of socks in 13 months, and I am taking the double 13s as a signal to cool it with the socks for a little while. 9 of those pairs were made for someone besides me, so I may have reached saturation point with the gifting of socks. Rebecca gave me absolutely GORGEOUS camel hair (yes! camel hair) yarn in a merlot-y color for my birthday so I am excitedly knitting up a scarf with it. Apparently it blooms during the washing process. Blooms! And becomes like cashmere.

Cashmere is a good summer fiber, right? Humidity be damned!

Let it be known - at this particular moment, I am wearing a cashmere sweater.

It is currently 87 F, 71% humidity in Northampton - with a heat index of 97 F.

I can safely say that you may want to wait on the camel scarf. ;)
whatever, scarves and cashmere are a necessity in the a/c!
I did? Was I drunk?
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