Wednesday, June 21, 2006


The stats

What I'm drinking:
Crystal Light, "Raspberry Ice" flavor. This blood-colored beverage is miraculously made from a tiny plastic container of powder and tap water, yet tastes absolutely delicious. It also dyes my mouth red, making me look like a vampire. Soooo hot. I mixed up a pitcher yesterday and now it's all gone. Maybe I need to take it easy for a few days, lest the maltodextrin, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium have any ill effects. Gotta love a beverage with three artificial sweeteners. Just makes me want MOOOORRRRE! I'm like Little Krissy, but with fake sugar.

Pinot Grigio. Not even gonna tell you what kind. Just pick up any large bottle under $12 and you'll have the gist. I have not yet tried mixing Crystal Light with wine but it is almost surely disgusting. I will almost surely try it soon.

What I'm watching:
History Detectives. They're finally back. This show is the best. I love it when they do research and show their eyes darting all over the place, getting increasingly hysterical. That's exactly how I feel every day at work. History is the crazymaker!

Gilmore Girls, Season Four. Got to finish it up and send it off to Mama in Montana. This is not the greatest season (that would be Season Two), but there are some pretty great scenes. Telling someone their hair looks like "10 cents a dance" is a pretty awesome way of calling someone a whore. Not sure when it will come in handy, but it will. It will.

What I want to be watching:
Project Runway. July 12! Come quickly, sweet friend. Or just send Tim Gunn. LOVE Tim Gunn.

What I'm reading:
Whose Body? by Dorothy L. Sayers. Rebecca recommended this one and it is pretty great. Lots of British aristocratic hoo-ha. Excellent detectively sleuthing. Negatives: weird comments about Jewish characters (the book was published originally in 1923--is the author making fun of anti-semitism/anti-semitic characters? Would like to think so, but probably not) Also, I'm usually not picky about format, but this is a collection of 4 Sayers books in one volume and the type is so small that the whole first novel is only 106 pages. I'll read for 20 minutes and find myself only 7 pages further along. So humbling.

Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding. I have been reading this book for over three (3!) years and I just don't know what my block is. The writing is lively and engaging, the plot is certainly interesting (a British publicist goes to work in a refugee camp in Africa and becomes deeply involved in humanitarian work), and yet I have read Bridget Jones's Diary at least four times since I started reading this book. Maybe I just like reading sentences with implied subjects.

L.A. Confidential by James Ellroy. This book gave me nightmares so I put it down for a while. I read the Black Dahlia this spring* and was blown away by it, and I am sure Ellroy's vivid descriptions of the seedier Tijuana bars circa 1946 will never be extracted from my memory, much to my sorrow. He's just that good. He gives me nightmares involving L.A. crime, and I've never even been to L.A. I can't say he really makes me want to go, either. Especially not if it's 1946.

What are you drinking? Watching? Reading? Knitting? Thinking?

*I read it because the girls on America's Next Top Model were living in the alleged Black Dahlia killer's house. I have no aspirations to sophistication.

Drinking: I have decided to try a WHITE (I hope you were sitting)- Vin d'Alsace Gewruztraminer 2003 - just trying to commune with my ancestors. The scary thing is: I REALLY like it - but um, it doesn't fit the wet,red,under$8 of the normal drinking preference. Oh, and I drink a lot of water.

Reading: Whose Body? (um, yes, STILL) And you will probably finish first! We should have a MA/CT bookclub!

Knitting: socks (still), Clapotis (still) - and probably a few other things . . . Oh, and I am spinning a little tooooo!

Thinking: That I wish Samantha were here to wiggle her nose and pack my damn house for me. No really, I LOVE MOVING (again).
Drinking: Mirassou Pinot Noir 2005. Very Sideways. Yesterday I made an aspartamerific lemonade, but forgot to put it in the fridge after gulping down 2 glasses (did that gross you out? gluping? hee haw). When I found it this afternoon, food safety dictated that I pour it down the sink after only putting a mild dent in the 8 cups of natural and artificial lemon flavor. Also drank the following at work: coffee, water, coffee, water, limeade, water, mountain dew. Busy busy.

Reading: Firefly Summer by Maeve Binchy. I have an penchant for books that elderly woman love. But this Maeve is a little boring. Hundreds of pages to go. Plus the binding is crappy and it exhausts me to hold it open and try to peer into the seams of the book. Also, it appears that everyone before me was eating gooey nasties (nastys?) while reading about small-town Ireland in the 1960s. Gross. Just finished Black Notice by Patricia Cromwell. Ooh, spooky. I accidently read all those Scarpetta books out of order. But I do know that Benton is indeed alive.

Knitting: NONE. But I am beading a new type of necklace that gets many oohs and aaahs when I wear it. Older sister will get one when younger sister stops being lazy and just goes to the post office.

Thinking: The jean skirt I am wearing is ill-fitting. I bought it 2 years ago or something thinking, "Hey, i'll lose a few pounds and it will fit great". I have lost those pounds and it does NOT fit great. It's not me. It is truly this poorly sewn denim that cost way too much. And now I feel like I HAVE to wear it because I spent too much money not to wear it. What a teeny-bopper fool I am sometimes. A teeny-bopper fool with a bunchy skirt on. Sigh.
What are you drinking?
Coffee, extra strong with milk and sugar. (It's 7:40 a.m. over here?)

Watching? The computer screen :-) But I'm into Narnia right now.

Reading? I'm re-reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (don't laugh) because I want to get the DVD (haven't seen the movie yet.)

Knitting? Cat in the Hat sweater.

Thinking? I should be getting ready for school because it's getting late.
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