Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Safe and sound

Just a quick post to say, I made it to Bozeman. It only took 26 hours! Which is definitely a gain on covered wagon days. Less chance of suffering cholera, too.

Well, maybe not really less chance of suffering a bizarre disease, given that some unspecified "weather issue" had affected travel on Thursday, causing United Airlines to throw up its hands in a drama queen tizzy-style and delay all (ALL) of its flights on Friday. Everything was full. O'Hare was filled with people sitting on the floor and leaning on their suitcases and drinking beer in the hallways. Also changing children's diapers in the waiting area. Which: gross. Also: disease. I almost started to cry while waiting for the second standby flight to Denver and I realized I had lost one of my double-pointed needles, rendering me unable to knit. Since I had, you know, four hours to kill, I literally retraced my steps, then visited all shops in the terminal to find a substitute. "Think like MacGuyver," I told myself. I could only come up with wooden coffee stirrers (no plastic ones to be found), and briefly considered deconstructing a ballpoint pen to use the ink cartridge inside. Why don't airports have yarn stores? I make a terrible MacGuyver. When I finally got on the flight to Denver, I had to just sit there and watch Deal or No Deal, which is the people yelling at briefcases show. It may cause disease. Of the brain.

After a restful 5 hours of sleep, I was back at the airport for my final flight to Bozeman. My parents have been very nice and let me take naps all the time! It's beautiful, mountainous, warm, and fun here. Also, they have great yarn stores and I saw a celebrity, who actually said "Excuse me," to me! (They're just like us!) You may know him as Barry Zuckercorn. Or the Fonz. Know who I'm talking about?

No Way! He wasn't with Bob Loblaw (aka Chachi)was he?
i used to have a pet mouse named after the fonz!!!!!!!
Remeber that time at Arnie's when he did the Russian-cross your arms, bend your knees, and kick your legs dance.
That was sweet.
Hey we just saw him tonight...on the TV!
Totally unrelated:


did you make it OUT of Bozeman?
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