Friday, July 14, 2006



It's over 90 degrees and humid here, but that doesn't mean I can't wear wool. Hence:

a shrug! I have been somewhat neutral to anti in regard to shrugs, but I saw this one in the spring Interweave Knits (second from the bottom, "Streakers Shrug") and thought it looked pretty cute. I had four skeins of Rowan Cashsoft DK in a minty green color. I should have had enough yardage to do the whole thing, cuffs included, but I used almost all of it by the time it was time to pick up stitches for the cuffs.

I used part of a skein of Plymouth's Suri Merino that I had planned for a scarf. Very soft...I find that the white cuffs add a delightful Founding Fathers dandyism to the shrug. I tried to explain this observation to Mr. Cupcakes and he just gave me a vague smile and went back to the computer. Mr. Cupcakes is generally not on board with the concept of shrugs--not a cardigan, not a shawl--but has been very nice to me about this one.

The whole thing is made like a big plus sign and then sewn together to make the two sleeves and side seams. The construction adds nice curves to the stitch lines.

If it ever drops below 67 degrees, I will most certainly wear this in the cool evening breezes. Tomorrow, Mr. Cupcakes and I are going to Brooklyn for a birthday party for my college roommate and another friend of ours. I'm so excited to see Bitsy again! (Bitsy is my pet name for her, one which I would frequently use in an effort to cajole her into buying me cookies. Also: cutest name ever.) We probably won't have time for a good game of scarf fashion, which was what we spent many a happy hour doing in college, i.e. using her extensive collection of gauzy scarves to fashion risque tops for ourselves and then dancing around. Also, the chances of us drinking amaretto sours and devouring Bust magazine have probably declined a great deal since 1998. But it will be great to see her and Noah, the originator of Mr. Cupcakes's devilish nickname, "Sexy Lexy." Say it in a hiss if you want the right effect. Sehhhhxxxy Lehhhhxxxy.

Anyhoo, yay, another trip!

Nice haircut!!! And the shrug looks lovely . . . I bet it is super-soft- will be perfect for those chilly days in the library (or on a cool evening when Sexy Lexy takes you out for a night on the (middle)town!)
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